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ALTAICHIMPROM, headquartered in Yarovoye, the Altay Territory, Russia starts its history in 1944. During the Second World War it had been evacuated from the Crimea. It was supposed to function as a bromine producing plant. Bromine was extracted from brine of the Big Yarovoye Lake. Gleb Sergeevich Vereshagin was the first director of the enterprise. Meanwhile the plant was named after him.

Nowdays ALTAICHIMPROM is considered to be one of the largest chemical companies in Russia. Its portfolio ranges from bromorganic and silico-organic fluids, paint and varnish materials to inorganic reagents, medicine preparation and substances. As a reliable partner to many industries, ALTAICHIMPROM’s high-value products and intelligent system solutions help its customers to be more successful. ALTAICHIMPROM develops new technologies and uses them to meet the challenges of the future and open up additional market opportunities It combines economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility , thus contributing to a better future. Our marketing techniques are oriented towards the companies that have taken a serious look at chemical business.

Dealing with chemicals is not that easy. ALTAICHIMPROM will be your guide in the world of chemical products.

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