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Field of application


Silico-organic products

Silico-organic fluids

ПЭС 1-5, 7, 132-24

hydraulic fluid  iheat carrieri additive to cleansing compositions

grease for moulds in manufacture of   plastics, rubber technical  articles

55-kg drums

Ethyl silicate-40

binder in solutions in manufacture of moulds in foundry

 hydroisolation of oilwells in oil-extracting industry

 additive to mortars in construction

200-kg metal barrels


Paint and varnish materials


ЭП-0215, ВГ-28, ВГ-33

Enamel ЭП-140М

intended for corrosion-preventive protection of metal surfaces and surfaces of steel and alloys, subjected to the spillage of aggressive liquids, exposure to elevated temperature, unfavourable atmospheric  precipitation

Fields of application: oil industry (reservoirs, pipelines) , railway transport, shipbuilding, ship repair, equipment for petrochemistry, aircraft building

58-kg metal drums
Hardeners АСОТ-2, АГМ-9

hardeners  for epoxy enamels, primers

АГМ-9 as an appret

modifying additives for resincontaining compositions

60-l metal drums

Chemical products of various application

Benzoic acid

● preservative of vegetable stock in agriculture

● modifying additive for use in the pulp-and-paper food, tyre and medical industries


paper bags with polyethylene insert

Phthorothane● inhalation  anaesthetic50-ml (93g) bottle

Iron trichloride, hexahydrate

Iron dichloride

● coagulant for treatment of sewage and natural  waters

● chemical reagent  for  obtaining ironorganic  compounds

200-kg metal drums
Waste hydrochloric acid● chemical reagent used in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical industrytank-cars

Preprations for rubber technical industry application

Thermostabilizer  C-47M● thermostabilizer of polyamide, polyoxyethylene, polyphenyleneoxide, sponge rubbers , foamed polyvinylchlorid and other polymers


paper bags with polyethylene insert

Resin 89

can be used in rubber manufacturing.

can be used as a modifying  additive in concrete

50 kg drums


Detergent and disinfectant

powder  ДП-4

● intended for washing and disinfection of containers, equipment and premises in enterprises of dairy industry

Free chlorine content - 4-8 %


paper bags with polyethylene insert

ДП-2Т ( tablets 5-g, 10-g)

preparations used for preventive,current and final disinfection.

Fields of application:

-medicoprophylactic institutions, child welfare institutions, objects of communal services, enterprises of children`s nutrition

- objects of veterinary  inspectors

-stationary and mobil objects of railway transport, including railway station buildings, stations of metro, vans of various purpose, buffets and other objects of departmental use     Anode chlorine content- min. 20%

1-kg polyethylene containers


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